Photo Courtesy of Rachael Hulme

Photo Courtesy of Rachael Hulme

Anna Pausch

Hello! I am a Printmaker and Fine artist currently living in Ithaca, NY. 

Curiosity of line once solely guided me in Printmaking, now it is also color that fascinates me through painting. Utilizing both mediums I am able to process and decipher my surrounding environment and experiences.  In a world with always changing climate, politics and social shifts the natural world has always brought solace amongst the daily chaos that is life. Doesn’t matter if I am hiking a mountainous trail in the wilderness or sitting in beside the babbling creek in my back yard: it never fails me.  

Creating black and white realism prints enabled me to focus on the structure and physical senses of the natural landscape.  Through repetition and build-up of line, space is excavated depicting textures of rough tree bark in contrast with the soft moss of a forest floor.  With time and patience the forest shares its secrets.  Upturned roots of a newly fallen tree will become a sunny null, harboring new growth for soft foliage and one day maybe a new tree.  In a warmer climate, the incredible thickness and depth of mangroves hold together the porous ground as it filters mineral-filled water becoming brackish as it nears the salty ocean.  My curiosity has since shifted from line to color, and my love of carving has transferred beautifully to the luscious act of painting. 

It is now the radiant green of moss on a rock in a creek bed or the vibrant orange-red of Indian Paintbrush flowers that I crave.  Through exploration I have learned that color alone is a rabbit-hole.  One color is great, two colors becomes difficult and three. . .  well things just get out of hand.  Through abstract expressionist painting, I am excused from the laws and structure of reality: free to lay any color next to another.  The colorful relationships are thrilling and confusing all at the same time.  When transferred into the natural world, such relationships constantly change as the sun migrates over the horizon.  Forcing me to focus and decide with each paint stroke.

I am restless, eager to explore the same natural world I have grown to admire, through the order of line, now in the emotional and expressionistic mess that is color. Allowing both processes to overlap one another, creates a world of learning and surprises.

Current & Upcoming Works on Display


“Dalliance” Solo Year-long Exhibition of Prints, Woodblock and Paintings at the Student Development office of Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, MA

Group Exhibition including both prints and paintings at Hunter Davis Salon in Boston, MA                                Exhibition November 1 - February 28th

Works on Paper based in Abstraction: Mass Eye & Ear & Arrowstreet Architects.

Abstracted Landscape Prints: Board of Higher Education and the Inspector General’s Office.