Egg Omen

Egg Omen

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4 x 6 inches
Oil based Paint on Canvas Board

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This original abstract finger painting "Egg Omen" is a 4 x 6 inch Oil Painting on Canvas Board. These small paintings is a great way to support an independent female small business. 

This sweet little painting is about the story my sister shared with me about our wonderful mother. She was cracking an egg for Omelettes and there was a bad egg. She was shocked and warned my sister to beware this was a bad omen. At this moment in the story, we both laughed so hard because my mother cooks so many eggs. At all times she has minimum of three cartons in the fridge; so of course she is bound to get a bad egg or two. This “Bad Egg Omen” turned into this wonderful sweet moment that will bring joy as long as it continues to trip us up in the future. Bringing about warmth of contentment and connection 

More so, my Mother has never stopped being curious and welcoming of knowledge through our most difficult times. She continues to show me that the unknown and difficult should not scare you. In fact the darkness is where some of our biggest strengths lie. 

Image size: 4 x 6 inches
Oil based Paint on Canvas Board
Unframed unless requested to be framed