About Anna

Hello! I am an Artist and Painting Instructor, living in the lush Finger Lakes I grew up in.

I am an active believer that art is palatable for anyone’s own use and enjoyment. In fact Art is adaptable to a range of demographics and situations. With this in mind, I acknowledge the huge gap between the Fine Art white walled galleries and arts and crafts with kids. Both are important, as well as the grey space between. Acting as a liaison, I teach painting classes, both public, private and fundraisers (yes you can have fun and do good too) for everyday individuals of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. I know that this grey in between area is where change takes place; done right it will bring about social change one individual at a time.

These beliefs translates into my personal studio practice too! My abstract finger-painted oil paintings allow me to be playful with no physical or metaphysical gravities. Through the process of recreating a loved landscape through printmaking, allows me too connect my curiosity and love of the natural world - despite the thousands of landscapes already existing.

Regardless of past experiences or preconceived notions, I attempt to be a willing and eager liaison enabling others to use art to strengthen and better their lives.