All The Nights I Tucked Myself In

“All the Nights I Tucked Myself In” is an evolving and meditative process piece, conceived my Freshman year at MassArt in 2011 and revitalized in 2016. This piece is a reflection of my relationships with others: past, present and future. I utilize the medium of bedding to therapeutically cleans both mind and place of rest from the history retained within its fibers. I re-claim the perception and thus the existence of the bedding through the process of tearing the fabric and winding it into individual cocoons. By doing so I release the thick harness to the past and bring self-awareness and respect to the present.

Currently On Display at Brickbottom Artist Association Gallery

In 2011 the sculpture was birthed with smaller wound cocoons. At the time I was assimilating to college life and re-assimilating to American culture after living abroad in Thailand, I used the medium of art to bring about the sanctuary of home within myself.  

Five years later in 2016, I fled my home in Boston with nothing but bruises, broken teeth, scars and a restraining order against the person I thought loved me. Feeling lost without my home, this sculpture was the only piece of art I could fathom working on. At that point I was no longer the optimistic girl at MassArt - I was someone who didn’t know up from down. I worked on this piece feeling nothing while feeling everything as my body slowly came out of shock. I was miles away, in my hometown in NY, yet I was far from safe lying in the sheets stained with my own blood from the abuse and pain inflicted upon me. Pain that came from a dark anger, that I did not want to believe existed in someone I once cared for. The fabric brought about the real-life nightmares of the bed I once felt safe in. I nestled the history of the passion, love, fear, sadness, anger, confusion, blood, sweat and tears safely into each wound cocoon. With time my sculpture grew, and with it came solace in the art of creation.