Anna Pausch

Hello! I am a Printmaker and Fine artist currently living and thriving in Ithaca, NY. 

As a modern-day renaissance woman and artist living in an age of ever accelerating technology and political uncertainty; I find solace and power in processes of exploring both color and mediums. I am tickled by the crunch of snow underfoot, the twang of a banjo, the sweet smell of petrichor, the smooth feel of a copper etching plate and the reassuring vibrancy of cadmium yellow. Both my surroundings and experiences directly impact my studio practice.  

As you can see in my portfolio I enjoy both landscapes and abstraction. I am happy to be back in the area I grew-up in - embracing my inner two-year old barefoot, dirty and running free. 

Current & Upcoming Works on Display


Solo Series of Abstract Oil Paintings at Tompkins Trust Co.,  2 W Main St, Trumansburg, NY 14886                Exhibition February 1 - March 31st


Group Show including both prints and paintings at Hunter Davis Salon in Boston, MA                                      Exhibition November 1 - February 28th

Works on Paper based in Abstraction: Mass Eye & Ear & Arrowstreet Architects.

Abstracted Landscape Prints: Board of Higher Education and the Inspector General’s Office.